"Plating was beautiful. Really enjoyed the edible flowers and herbs. This is a unique twist to the Austin dining scene. Favorite dishes were, well, all of them! Each delicious. Dessert was really tasty with smoked chocolate. Looking forward to next meal with you." - Terri K.

"Everything was absolutely fantastic. All the dishes were beautiful and delish. Loved the sizes, fresh forages, and presentation. Faves: watermelon salad and tortellini. I hope to be back soon!" - ChelseaC.

"The Tom Kha was killer!! I want a whole jar of the Wineberry/Lemon Thyme Jam. Fanciest dinner I have ever been to. No constructive criticism, just praise. Thanks y'all!!" - Blake C.

"I loved it! Great pacing and very nice pairings of food and drink. Everything was very flavorful and well-balanced. Keep up the great work! Thank you!" - Caitlin F.

"YOU GUYS FUCKING RULE! Everything was really awesome. Really enjoyed the beer pairings and the dessert was absolutely sublime! Thank you so much for accommodating my wife and I." - Cloyd D.

"Everything was wonderful. It was too hard to decide which dish was my favorite. I will be back. Thank you for this amazing experience." - Kaitlyn D.

"The food was delightful. I loved that all the flowers and garnishes were tasty. I was skeptical of sweet breads, but they were the best dish. The brioche melted in my mouth. The ice cream was my favorite part of the dessert. You are both very talented. Thank you for sharing." - Laura W.

"OMG, Lori and Anthony, these dishes were amazing. The tastes, the textures, the ingredients all pulled together created phenomenal dishes. Your artistic eye in presentation is over the top!! I am blessed to know you and experience your culinary delights. You BOTH are wonderful!!" - Leigh B.

"Best meal I've had all year! Thank you! The Carrot Tom Kha soup was out of this world. Wines perfectly paired. I'll be back!" - Keir S.

"Holy shit, that was good! All of it." - Tyler N.

"The supper was delicious. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and other patrons. The meal was something I have never experienced before and I really enjoyed every course." - April M.